We are a family business with many years experience in lease-rental or purchase-sale of real estate and land, the design and construction of new homes and the renovation of old houses.

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We can help by providing professional and complex services such as:

Buliding Services

Construction Services

Our company designs and manufactures the home of your dreams with your own forever cooperation.


Buliding Services

Ground Works

Our company with its specialized personnel, guarantees the security and speed to any of your work.


Buliding Services


We undertake the design and landscaping and gardens and the construction and decoration.


Buliding Services


If you are interested in buying and renovating an old house, our company undertakes the complete renovation of.


Design & Construction

Our company designs and builds the house of your expectations with your cooperation always.
  • Construction Management.
  • Management and Control costed.
  • Construction supervision and Coordination Garages.




The Technical Department of Gaia Company (Construction) Construction Company Construction & Renovation

Our philosophy


The Technical Department of Gaia Company (Construction - Real Estate), under the name Gaia (Construction) Construction Company Construction & Renovation,

whose main concern of man. We believe that no work can be completed if you do not take into account some key factors.


In the Technical Office Gaia (Construction), the human factor is the beginning. We listen to your needs, your anxieties, your desires, your particularities,

We discuss with you for the reform of the residential environment and invest in interpersonal relations to contribute to social cohesion.

The environment, natural and aesthetic is the second key factor. Each technical work necessary to respect the environment in which it occurs.

From our side main points in this course is to recycle, use energy efficient materials, bioclimatic design and harmonized architecture design.

The economy and the reduction of costs on both the study and the construction is one of the most urgent factors imposed control.

In this difficult economic situation we are experiencing, we utilize efficiently and accurately every money capital.

Time is another factor which seriously take into consideration. The time may not, however, stopped no way to exploit the appropriately.

We try to consume the least amount of time for the perfect completion of a study and implementation.

Every project follows a timetable which helps in better planning on the part of our client.

Our office ultimate goal is a positive intervention in your life, with whatever supplies gives us the object of our work.

Come try for a comfortable and quality life.









Technical Office Gaia (Construction) through a network of permanent, experienced and specialized partners including architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers,

electrical engineers, economists and technical workshop is mainly involved in the study and implementation of engineering projects.

Our office undertakes any study concerning the building project as well as its application in practice. Also specializes in the renovation of residential area,

commercial premises and pharmacies. Our experience, excellent knowledge of materials and the expertise of our technicians guarantee rapid aesthetic and technical overhaul of your space.




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