Our company designs and builds the house of your expectations with your cooperation always.

With our proposals and your final decision the result will be that which you have been dreaming.

The workforce besko consists of young people with a strong scientific background and inexhaustible creative mood, and experienced and reputable engineers with extensive experience in the design and construction. In studies at renowned universities in Greece and abroad with extensive experience in projects of any scale, our team cope with any difficulty implementing the best possible way.

As a fully qualified design and construction company, Gaia has the right equipment to support customers facing challenging issues in their business, in a timely, efficient and intuitive way.

Architects and engineers Gaia offer complete design and manufacturing services: architectural design, structural and electromechanical studies, manufacturing in strict compliance with quality and safety standards.

We provide a single team of architects, engineers and manufacturers, offering services that can be grouped into specific 'packages' addressing the requirements of any project.

We apply the most modern technologies and methods of delivery and project completion, to facilitate and accelerate team collaboration, design, planning, procurement and costing.


Gaia provides a full range of development, design and construction work, including:


Representation of Owner

Project management

Construction management

Management Planning and Control

Management and Control costed

Change management

Supervision and Coordination Garage

Quality assurance

Performance Report

Testing Inspection & Launch