GAIA company with extensive experience that has to work, undertake excavations, excavation, removal of debris with specific and more modern vehicles and equipment.

With our modern machinery we are able to undertake excavations of any depth and rock.

We also undertake demolition of any kind, embankments exteriors, landscaping, horticultural soil.

Our company with experienced and qualified staff, guarantees the security and speed in any of our assignments.

Excavations and mini niche excavations in difficult areas, alterations to listed buildings, specialized demolition of all sizes, withdrawals debris from inaccessible parts, filling in difficult spots.

Our Technical Office take any kind or contractor Construction both in Messinia (and neighboring provinces).

We have the experience and knowledge to help our clients "step by step" in the completion of a structure that constitutes respective expectations.

We have our own equipment and specialized workshop for the construction or repair of private projects, always under the engineering guidance for the best possible result.


We undertake:


  • The selection of technical resources that will work, always according to the needs of our customers
  • The market research for standard materials (concrete, iron, tiles, heating etc.)
  • The drafting of private agreements on any cooperation with the agreed price and all agreed terms
  • The definition of project completion time, always in the light of the financial and payment method
  • The daily monitoring of labor and work, based on the Project Calendar
  • The full respect of the project budget
  • The measurement of the work, materials
  • Solve technical problems