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The Company under the name Gaia (Construction - Real Estate) was founded by Dimitri and Roula Gaitani.

Our company is based in the southern Peloponnese, in the historic and picturesque town of Koroni, we developed a family business, utilizing the many years of experience on the design construction of new homes and the renovation of old houses in the region, our Office is a standard combination of techniques and agencies to focus more on the whole range of activities relating to the property.


The Technical Service (Gaia - Construction) undertakes:

RENOVATIONS (Apartments and Commercial Services), Construction, Technical Analysis, Restorations, Renovations, Repairs of Buildings, Apartments and Professional Services, Supervision, facilities and arbitrary semi, Version Energy Performance Certificates, Version PPC Plans, Permits Branch and Business Operations, Facilities Heating, Building Insulation (roof and perimeter masonry) and that associated with the works of Civil Engineering.


The Real Estate department of the company (Gaia - Real Estate) assumes:

The Assessment Estate, Rentals and Real Estate, Land and Parcels and all types of Real Estate Transactions.

Our company cooperates with

a) a large number of manufacturers - craftsmen of all specialties, able to complete successfully any engineering project,

b) with the best suppliers of building materials in Messinia and beyond and

c) approved real estate agents with extensive experience in the real estate promotion for sale or exploitation not only in Greece but also abroad through appropriate online programs and specialized partnerships in the Real Estate sector.

Our Office is aimed at owners and Entrepreneurs who want IMMEDIATE and EFFECTIVE solutions at home or their workplace as and quick search for properties that meet their needs.

Property that takes the real estate department of the company Gaia - Real Estate advertised in the best possible way in different site and in weekly newspapers in Messinia for sure and guaranteed results.

If we do not have any property in accordance with the requirements of our customers, we in no time to look for.


Welcome to the website of our office and we wish you good navigation.

In the Site you will surely find what you want because we have BIG renewed range of properties in each category-driven coverage of our largest possible range of customer requirements.

We are available for any form of cooperation and advice for the best possible use of your property.



Gaia (Construction - Real Estate)


Responsible Office: Dimitris and Roula Gaitani

Telephone Office: 2725022289 - Mobile: 6977622998 / 6946684757 - Fax: 2725022973

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