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GAIA company cooperates with the largest Greek and foreign banks to directly serve our customers in residential market issues, land, commercial or hotel. Using our experience and our very good cooperation with the banks, we can advise our clients on how that can be borrowed under the best conditions and lower interest rates.

The counseling can play a key role in taking appropriate decisions on the real estate market and form the basis of real estate services.

Given the situation on the market today, the contribution of a real estate consultant practitioner is of strategic importance to achieving your business or other goals

The real estate professional consulting team of Gaia is composed of experienced and qualified personnel with deep knowledge of the market and technical and financial expertise.

So we offer consulting services of superior quality in various property categories.

We have previously worked with institutional investors or not, large national and multinational companies, banks, construction companies, lawyers, public organizations and others, for whom we offer including assessment studies, due diligence studies, recovery studies, investment analyzes and business plans.

Our consulting services, combined with effective and research services, design and assessment of our company include:


Property Valuations

Before becoming one transaction of a property (building or land), you need to know the exact market value (market value), at that time. One misconception or information on the property value can result in financial loss.

We are certified in Property Appraisals "Valuer in Real Estate Property".

Also, we are working in this field for a long time with various banking institutions. Thus, we are able to deliver to our customers responsibly, a valid and documented evaluation report of the property of interest.


Technical & Legal Property purchase control

Under current law (N.4178 / 2013), on every property purchase Contract is mandatory to attach Engineer certificate of absence of arbitrary structures.

We take the issue of that certificate, a consultation of the competent Urban and measurements on the ground, so that you know what you are buying.

At the same time, our legal officers undertake all necessary legal actions related to the purchase or sale of a property (such as securities controlled by the Land Registry, issue of certificates by the Court, Contract performance etc.). We ensure in this way, on each side, your investment.


Property Development

The real estate market is dynamic and changes occurring in it, very fast. constantly monitor trends generated so we are able to advise customers on the best use of their property. We prepare feasibility studies, but we can support our clients up and implementation of the project by finding financing and the award.


Building Energy Inspection

Our office energy inspection of buildings and version required by the Rules of the Energy Performance of Buildings, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Note that in addition to mandatory adoption for trading, leases (since the 09/01/2012) and new construction,

Certificate is a factor that directly affects the value of the building for which it is issued, as energy efficiency is (most of the obvious environmental impact) and economic impact on the building user. For each non-efficient building inspected, recommendations are given for the improvement of energy efficiency.


Energy upgrading buildings

We have created a team of associates dedicated to energy renovation of buildings.

Our team initially record all parameters that affect the energy consumption of an existing building (insulation, windows, hot water heating and production systems) which are then analyzed by suitable software and proposed interventions result, the benefit that they will have the energy consumption of the building (Electricity bills, gas, etc.) and their implementation budget.

Finally we advance in the construction schedule, applying innovative methods for minimal disturbance of the building occupants.



In collaboration with researchers Engineers and Consultants, we provide design and engineering services. Our partners have proven quality and experience in their field.

We undertake the elaboration of architectural, structural, electrical and energy studies and issuing Building Permits and Licensing Operations.

Due to our longstanding friction with the manufacturing sector, we are able to formulate, in cooperation with the designers, robust application studies, which lead to corresponding technically robust and economic construction.


Building construction


1) New buildings

We undertake the contracting manufacture all types of buildings (residential, commercial, industrial, specialty). We can also offer complete design solutions - construction.

In any event, we offer our experience in the construction field, our expertise and the emphasis we give to detail.



2) Renovations

We offer complete solutions (study - construction) rapid renovation of existing houses and commercial properties, which enable our customers to gain modern

home or work environment without investing in buying new property. Work recommend upgrading the appearance, functionality and energy efficiency of the property,

an additional effect of increasing the value.