For Seller - Owner of the property:


  • Simple photocopies identities and clearing
  • Copy of the last E9.
  • Tax clearance from the local tax office for the transfer of the property (* in tax should be referred to the naughty property transferred).
  • Professions vendor if any of them are freelance you want insurance clearance from the competent IKA
  • Photocopy of heritage acceptance 12.326 / 1999 (this we have leaves missing)
  • Photocopy of No. 4412/1991 agorapolitiriou contract.
  • Building permit.
  • Site plan with mechanical seal 651/77.
  • Floor plans (planning and any settlements).
  • Energy Performance Certificate (PAA)
  • Confirmation arbitrariness engineering. Each certificate has a two-month period from the day of the autopsy.
  • Settlements of Law. 4178/2013, if available (paid).
  • Settlements of N.3843 / 2010, if any, on Tuesday and final seal for closing the Urban Planning.
  • Certificate not debt inheritance tax from the tax office (we will prepare your application).
  • Cadastre from the Land Office.
  • Cadastral Sheet from the Land Office.
  • Electronics ENFIA certificates for the years 2011.2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.


For the Buyer of the property:


  • Normal ID photocopy and clearing.
  • Certificate of Family Status
  • Photocopy all E9 submitted. If there are properties in the name of the buyer to E9, then additional copies of purchase contracts of that property. If parcels are shown in E9, then additional confirmation, either mechanically or by sections of the Municipalities Planning, from which it follows that to date these properties remain fields and have become land.
  • Photocopy all E1 submitted. If there have been then E1 affirmation that the buyer has no income and not filed a tax return. (Sealed to the authenticity of the signature)