Buying and selling and renting property is known two basic functions of a real estate agency.

In such transactions the main purpose of real estate and contracting, is offering to match the maximum extent possible with the demand.

With the most modern equipment of our office and the knowledge we have, we are here to help you in finding the appropriate vendor or purchaser of the property that interests you.


About Seller


  • Open Command Property Selling Property


It is the command of the owner of a property to the estate agent, where the owner assigns the agent to promote the property market.

This simple command has no time limit, the owner can assign the same property to other real estate offices and remuneration obligation

It is just opposite to that office will complete the sale of the property.


The PLUS: Award to you and to other agents, which may have the appropriate client. Not charged demonstration and advertising costs.


The MINUS: When involved in a property above two agents tend to not display as expected, since the costs for the demonstrations is greater than the chance to sell themselves and not their colleagues.


  • Exclusive Mandate Property Selling Property


The exclusive mandate, internationally applicable, provides for certain agreed time the particular agent undertakes exclusively the promotion of the property market. Typically this period ranges from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the property.

In exclusive long as the owner can not delegate to another professional, or to sell it himself.

If it does, he will be required to pay the estate agent the agreed remuneration, even if the agent does not brokered the sale.


The PLUS: After you assign us the exclusive disposal of the property you purchase to avoid lengthy and difficult conciliation process with other estate agents. often inform our colleagues about the exclusives that we have and so the property is like to exist in many offices simultaneously.

For you this means that you do not need to talk, to publicize the sale or rent of the property you in many individuals.

If the property indicated by many real estate agencies, usually loses part of its value and the owner loses part of its negotiating power.

With the exclusive assignment check the status of your property on the market, save time and not anxious to correct suggestion in suitable buyers.


The LESS: At the time the exclusive mandate applies not entitled to make the sale without paying the agreed fee to the real estate agency has exclusivity.