The Technical Office We undertake all types of private construction projects. We can take a building from initial excavation to delivery "with the key".

Based on years of experience of our partners we guarantee the high quality of construction.

The continuous monitoring and supervision of the work prevents the existence of technical errors and allows adherence to the schedule and the project budget.

At each stage of the work, we are at your disposal to solve any questions you have about or Technical Issues and come together at the best possible solution.

We manufacture our suggestions with consistency and responsibility. An Experienced technical staff is working diligently and organization with a view to optimum implementation of our plans, always based on the preferences of our customers.

The Specificity of you our workforce ensures the best results with persistence in detail.

The requirements of our business require to long working hours, so that our times are reduced substantially. but always without departing from our main aim, the Quality of Result.




  • Colours Housing - block - Professional Services
  • Plasterboard - Suspended
  • Roofing - Pergolas
  • Terraces Insulation - Insulation
  • Gutters
  • Electrical Construction and Repairs
  • Hydraulic Works and Repairs
  • However Releases Renovations
  • Epichismata (plaster)
  • Bricklaying (building)
  • Demolition in interiors and exteriors
  • Installing Tile and Marble