The Structural Design of the structure are separate and independent studies or refer to a building or in groups of buildings or out in building work as part of any technical project.

Provide the necessary technical data and instructions for safe technical and construction of the building project bearing structure.


Study content

The study includes the preparation of calculations and the preparation of drawings, paintings, etc. Needed for the construction of load-bearing structure, and an evaluation of that required for the expenditure.


Applicable regulations

In developing the structural design of the building and will be taken into account by the applicable regulations and decisions on the design and execution of building projects, such as:


  • The Greek Regulation for the design and execution of concrete works.
  • The Seismic Regulations building projects.
  • The Greek Regulations loading construction.
  • The decisions referred to specific structures, systems approvals prestressing, materials etc.
  • The Hellenic Regulation of Concrete Technology.


In issues not regulated by these Regulations and Decisions, or covered insufficiently, apply in each case the German regulations or regulations of other countries, as long as it is sufficient justification for their application