The electrical control PPC license is a necessary document to have every building first to ensure your own safety and then to be able to exploit legitimate as you want to the applicable legal restrictions.

As is known from November 1, 2011 the NEA Solemn Declaration Electrical Installer (YDE) ??is the only statement that accepts PPC.

If checks reveal defects and deficiencies, the electrical engineer will notify you and will proceed to issue the certificate after all irregularities restored.

The recording of the electrical installation in the control process is essential.


The certificate is issued on paper and includes:


  • Statutory Declaration Licensee Electrical Installer.
  • Report Delivery Electrical Installation.
  • Electrical Installation Control Protocol ELOT HD 384 or KEIE.
  • Monorail design of the switchgear installation.
  • Plan the installation and location of switches, lights, sockets, tables etc.
  • The top view of the electrical installation, the load and the control points which are.
  • Analysis of installation.
  • Signature and stamp of the licensed electrical engineer or installer (and the association to which he belongs, in case the electrical installer).


The certificate is then delivered to the customer to submit it along with the other documents to PPC electricity company