Our Technical Office assumes full implementation of all the required actions for the settlement of your arbitrary, in accordance with existing legislation.

After communication, our office engineer visits you for an autopsy and receipt of all necessary documents.

Upon completion of the process by us we deliver your full settlement arbitrary folder.


We undertake:

  • Arrange arbitrarily and draw up a certificate of N.4014 / 11
  • Surveying Estate (Development Plans)
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Document Editors Special Fine
  • Arbitrary File Editors
  • Submit File (Electronics)
  • Checking Static Sufficiency
  • Certificate of Legality
  • Any arbitrary structure qualifies the N4014 / 11 can be arranged if declared from 1/10/2011 to 09/14/2012.


The statement made to the Electronic TEE and ONLY through Engineering.

Our office with engineers who staffed assumes full implementation of all required measures to regularize arbitrary construction, according to N.4014 / 11, with favorable terms of cooperation, which we agree with our autopsy on arbitrary.

Further Information:

Arrange arbitrary is the process by which after payment of a fine is suspended for thirty (30) years for inside and outside the city plan properties fines for unauthorized construction and for each urban and ktiriodomiki infringement.