Energy Audit


The Energy Audit is an important action to save energy, which applies to both industry and the building sector and concerns all energy technologies.

By energy audit is defined as the process of assessing the actual energy consumption in an energy system, factors affecting them and the energy saving potential.


Our Technical Office shall:


  • Examine the building (a process called energy audit) and to propose appropriate solutions, those that fit in the home situation and circumstances you desire.
  • To proceed with the execution of all the necessary work to improve the energy situation of the building.
  • The final version of the Building Energy Certificate.


The solutions proposed by our company for an already constructed building vary. Starting with conventional methods, known for their effectiveness (eg change frames, double glazing, installation external insulation, boiler change, etc.) and result in the most modern and innovative techniques that are particularly prevalent abroad (Such as passive solar systems and the installation of a Combined Heat and Power Unit).

At the end of the process will give you the energy certificate of your building which will need to act any lease or transfer of property.


Required Documents

The following documents should be delivered during the Energy Audit in Energy Inspectors


  • Copy of Property Title
  • Copy KAEK (Lands Number)
  • Copy Plan of the Area
  • Copy Topographical Plan
  • License Planning copy (post-1983 licensed)
  • Maintenance Sheet Central Heating


Duration and Cost PAA

The Energy Performance Certificate (PAA) has a duration isyos ten (10) years. That anxartita by the number of times rented or sold a building in the decade NOT required reissue of PAA

New Certificate required in the event of major renovation to the property.

The cost of an Energy Performance Certificate (PAA) is determined on the basis of Presidential Decree 100/2010 and adapted according to the use of the property and some other parameters which are detailed below:


Apartment Block of flats: 2.0 euro / sq.m. (Minimum Fee Energy Inspector: EUR 150)

The whole building (eg building): EUR 1.0 sq.m. (Minimum Fee Energy Inspector, 200 euros)

House: 1.5 euro / sq.m. (Minimum Fee Energy Inspector, 200 euros)

Stores up to 1000 sq.m. : 1.5 euro / sq.m. (Minimum Fee Energy Inspector 300 euros)

Stores more than 1000 sq.m. : 2.5 EUR / sq.m. for the first 1000 sq.m. and 1.5 euro / sq.m. for the rest sq.m. (Minimum Fee Energy Inspector 300 euros)