When losses occur in buildings or parts of building required immediate action in order not to cause further damage and, above all, to avoid as much as possible financial costs.

A prerequisite for effective indemnification is the specific analysis and assessment of the problems of a specific expert so that the amount of damage can be determined.

The purpose of our company is the right treatment and repair problems with building specialized teams that provide the latest and excellent services based on new technology and know-how with supervision by qualified civil engineer.


Repairs involving the following categories:


  • Humidity

Numerous buildings have problems of moisture is a very high degree of Messinia.

  • Concrete

Disintegration when the concrete loses its physical properties.

  • Oxidation

Rust iron, when compounds of eroded by water and oxygen

  • Waterproofing

Sealing surfaces

  • Thermal

The heat loss caused in a building from imparting air heat an inner space to atmosphere

  • Cracks - Detachment

All concrete structures may be cracked. The cracks are the result of various causes, causing the construction trends and thus distortions.

The cracks affect the appearance, but much more the resistance, the possibility that the construction to bring safely the loads for which it was designed.


Work undertaken by our Technical Office:


  • Working at height - Scaffolding - Roofing - Stairs
  • Special Rehabilitation and Assistance Interventions
  • Repair of bearing structures of Building