The responsibilities of safety engineering is to provide the employer's instructions and advice, whether written or oral, in matters relating to health and safety at work and the prevention of accidents.

The written instructions the safety technician enters a special book of business "Book of Observations" which collates Ms. considered by the labor inspectorate. The employer is obliged to acquaint signed cautions recorded in this book.

The employer must be in possession of a written assessment of the existence at risk to safety and health.

The assessment is carried out by the technical security and the occupational physician, based on the general principles of prevention.

In addition, the employer must keep a special accident book listing the causes and the description of serious accidents and to make available to the competent authorities and T.A. Measures taken to prevent a recurrence of similar events are recorded in the "Book of Observations" In general, the Security Technician performs auxiliary work for the fulfillment of general and specific obligations of the employer.


In particular, the Security Technician :

  • Decisive for the supply and cost of Security Technician services is the critical number of workers and the business category - farm - work.
  • Checks the safety of installations and technical means, before the operation, and production processes and methods before implementing them and supervise the implementation of health and safety measures at work and accident prevention, informing the relevant heads of departments or business address.
  • Advise on design, planning, construction and maintenance of facilities, introduction of new production processes, procurement of assets and equipment, selection and control of the efficiency of individual means of protection, as well as configuration and arrangement of the positions and the working environment and general organization of the production process.
  • The determination of the required qualifications and the level of SD knowledge depends on the type of business - farm - work.
  • The minimum time safety technician employment is determined by the number of employees and the class integration of enterprise, accordance with Article 3 of Presidential Decree 294/88 and Article 4, paragraph 3 of Presidential Decree 17/96.