The Construction Supervision of each depending on your preferences, is per project stage certifying delivery of the work of each contractor or thorough supervision on site, either by assuming the Construction Project.

In any case Epivepsi made by civil engineer with Construction Experience and can be detailed for quality completion of the project.

Our presence at the worksite is continuous and productive for the organization and accelerate the project.


  • Construction supervision
  • Management and Construction Organization
  • Review and Document Control and Research drawn up by the Underwriters
  • Supervision of Construction Works
  • Enforcement Systems Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Planning and Construction Schedules Control
  • Measurement of Physical Engineering Progress / Progress Reports Preparation
  • Inspection Equipment / Materials
  • Contract Management with Contractors Certifications, Accounts, Operations Change, Requirements)
  • Track Inspection and Testing Operation


The Supervising Engineer defined required by the owner at the time of issuance of the building permit project.

Typical construction, supervising engineer define the designer of the project unless the owner wishes to assign a different engineer overseeing the project.

The responsibility and tasks of supervising engineer starting from the beginning of work on the implementation of the relevant license, including any preliminary preparation work.


The main tasks undertaken by the supervising engineer is:


  • The control of building for the proper implementation of the project according to the approved plans of the building permit, namely to ensure the proper application of the study, compliance with the provisions of the relevant license and proper implementation of all components under the project study.
  • The implementation of security measures and project workers in accordance with the applicable provisions, approved the Health and Safety Plan (HSP) project and approved Folder Safety and Health (HSF) project.
  • If there is an obligation, compliance and information security measures diary with comments, instructions and suggestions to the owner and contractors as far as safety and health measures and project workers.
  • The drafting of the Building Identity file in accordance with Article 4 of N.3843 / 2010
  • Update Y.DOM (building service) for controlling manufacturing apoElekti Building in stages set by the permission and presence during the inspection.
  • Confirmation of soil data project planning for the foundation and where necessary, requiring the owner to commission experts to conduct geotechnical research,
  • The requirement laboratory checks the quality of the work, if necessary.


For the start of construction work should be the responsibility of the owner or the person having lawful right:


  • Consideration of the plan and the safety and health file of the project by the competent Labour Inspectorate,
  • Consideration of the building permit from the local Police Department.